For the past few weeks the pumpkins have been spoiled indoors.They are getting plenty of heat and water and in some cases some really nice things are being said to them !

Surrounded by water, heat and friends.

So we all know that outdoors can sometimes get hot, cold, dry or wet in fact its hard to tell what type of weather we will get.So in order for the pumpkin to get used to the change in weather we must introduce it to the outdoors over a period of time.we must also stop watering it.When the compost dries out we will add more water to it.This will get the pumpkin used to dry periods.

So for the first week find a nice shaded area and put the pumpkin plant out before you go to school and bring it back in again when you come home in the evenings.

For the first week leave the pumpkin in a shaded area like under a hedge.

Remember stop watering when hardening off the pumpkin.Its ok if it rains on the pumpkin.Only water when the compost dries out.

You could try leaving it in a corner.

In the second week things get a bit tricky.This time the pumpkin is taken from the shaded area and placed in direct sunlight and left outdoors over night.However you must pay attention to the weather forecast and bring  the pumpkin indoors if there is any danger of frost.You can get details on the weather forecast here .

For the second week place in direct sun and leave out all the time.Remember bring in if frost is forecast.

Then we are ready for planting but, we will have to be carefull and check out the long-term forecast. and watch out for frosts.We will be working with nature and it will be exciting!

You can get more detailed instructions on hardening off here

The way I have shown above works for me.There are differant ways in doing it and if you tried something differant let us know about it .


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